Missibaba is a Cape Town based, luxury accessory label founded by leather devotee Chloe Townsend. Dedicated to empowering women, the Missibaba family is 18 women strong. Our accessories radiate an exotic exuberance with a flair for colour and texture continuously pushing the boundaries of imagination.

As slow fashion enthusiasts, the consummate team behind the Missibaba brand takes time to meticulously handcraft each unique piece with patience and love.

Passionate about South Africa and supporting local industry, Missibaba strives to invest in skills development within our team as well as, being involved in upliftment & skills-sharing programs in communities from Stellenbosch to Nairobi.

At Missibaba, we strive to use only the finest quality materials available. Many of our unique leather skins are imported from Argentina, making it possible for us to give you such juicy pieces. This means that certain leathers are often limited and we might run out of a certain colour or print. In this case, we will match the leather with a suitable substitute to the best of our abillity. Due to the nature of working with such a natural product, any irregularities in the colour or grain of a skin are normal characteristics of genuine leather. Some items may have wrinkles, marks or scars which are an inherent quality and part of the natural beauty of the hide.